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93% Fortune 1000 reach 98% Fortune 500 reach

More than 66% are Director-level or above 23% are C-level

67% brand marketers
17% agency marketers

39% are at $500+ Million organizations

44% are at companies with 500+ employees

33% B2B marketers
16% B2C marketers
51% both B2B and B2C Marketers

Banner Ads

Advertisers have the ability to more finely target their products to marketers. Placements can be made by event type, technology and so on. Never before has targeted web traffic development been so easily obtained and so affordable. Choose from a variety of online options.

Options Size Rates
Top 300×250 $1,250 per 10k impressions
Top 300 x 100 $850 per 10k impressions
Middle 300 x 250 $750 per 10k impressions
Middle 300 x 100 $500 per 10k impressions
Bottom 300 x 100 $300 per 10k impressions
Content Page Leaderboard 728 x 90
300 x 50 (mobile)
468 x 60 (tablet)
$2,000 per month/unlimited impressions
Featured Content Sponsor $1,000 per week

Deadline: Materials must be received one week prior to scheduled ad placement.

Ad Positions: All static ad positions will run on a rotation basis. New ads will appear when page is refreshed or reopened.

Digital Specs
File Formats: SWF (FLASH)**, GIF or JPEG
Animation: Yes, if the ad is animated, it should continuously loop
File Size: The file must be 500K or less

Please email all artwork with URLs to:

Sophie Chan-Wood
Production Manager
(301) 354-1671

Audience Extension

Reach our coveted audience and beyond with Audience Extension—the first email marketing offering to blend outbound engagement, programmatic retargeting and lookalike audience recruitment. Each three-month program includes targeted outreach, amplified engagement and extended audience.

Duration Cost
Minimum three month commitment $10,000 per month

Banner Ad Specs:

Desktop Display Banners Mobile Display Banners
Unit Size 300×250, 728×90, 300×600 320×480, 320×50, 300×50
Max File Size 40kb max upload 40kb max upload

Provided in both HTML and text-only versions, limited to 700px in width.

All materials must be submitted two weeks prior to launch date.

NEW! Virtual Showcase: Your Success Stories + Our Audience = Leads

Everyone in the industry wants to know what’s working. Our virtual showcase gives you the opportunity to share your best “what’s working” case studies in a virtual event format that’s interactive and engaging for attendees—because “webinars” are so last season. You bring your client for a moderated discussion and walk through a recent program. Our editors help moderate the experience and facilitate Q&A for a truly engaging hour spent online learning about what makes your great—minus the sales pitch. All leads collecting during the free registration process are yours.

Price: $20,000

NEW! Virtual Think Tanks

Be the sole sponsor at the virtual “table” in a private, invitation-only discussion with six to eight senior-level executives and buyers. With your company’s input, we design the topic so it’s compelling for our audience while simultaneously showcasing your expertise in a highly-engaging, low stress environment. Our editorial team curates the attendee list and moderates the discussion. You walk away having made meaningful connections—and valuable contacts.

Price: $25,000

NEW! Turnkey Custom Research

We’re making it simple to get all the benefits of releasing a must-have industry research report—without lifting a finger. You choose from a variety of trending topics curated by our editors. Our team fields the survey, collects the data and distills the research into a two-page report that is gated and delivered as a downloadable PDF or a digital feature to your desired target audience. The program includes custom data collection.  Click here to learn more.

Price: $20,000


EM Buzz

An email newsletter delivered to thousands of subscribers twice each month. EM Buzz keeps subscribers up-to-date on breaking news, deals, account assignments and other trends. It’s an easy way for event marketers to stay on top of a changing industry. The newsletter also highlights emerging trends and a variety of other topical happenings.

Frequency Cost
1 x

Native Spot



Ad Specs
Top/Bottom: 728×90
Native: 200×120 with 40~ words of text
File Formats: PNG or JPEG
File Size: The file must be 500K or less

Deadline: Materials must be received one week prior to scheduled ad placement.

Video Showcase

Finally, a way to get mass exposure for your company’s campaign sizzle reels, corporate overviews and product videos. Our monthly Video Showcase embeds your videos direct from your YouTube account into an email showcase sent to 50,000 event marketers. Promote your latest event campaign recap videos, your company’s new profile vid or a new product introduction or overview.

Duration Cost
1 month/issue $2,000 per issue

Character limits (including spaces):

  • 2-Line Title Below Video: 60
  • 5-Line Description Text: 215

Additional Requirements & Specs:

  • Screen grab from video: 267×159
  • Posted by: Company name/email address to be listed
  • Link to video

Email Blasts

Deliver your message directly to the inboxes of 50,000-plus corporate event marketers, agencies and service providers. There is no quicker way to spread your marketing message than to send a one-time, html, e-mail promotion. Includes 48-hour click-thru and open statistical report for advertising campaign measurement. See our email specs here.

RATE: $6,995

Special Reports

Partner with the EM editorial team to create cutting edge content that will engage your audience. Choose from more than 20 custom special report topics curated by our editors and then feature your company’s sharpest minds in the report. Special reports can be deployed as interactive digital reports, or as a downloadable PDF. Customized data collection ensures your brand gets the information you need to connect with the right prospects and position your brand as a thought leader. Click here for the full list of topics and rates.

POV Content

People might not love to read about products, but they sure love to read about people. Our POV content option offers you a turn-key way to showcase your company’s gurus and luminaries with minimal effort and maximum impact. Our editors work with your team to create a questionnaire that highlights your company’s unique offerings while also mapping to current industry trends. Your executive(s) answers the Q&A, and then the interview is edited and formatted to read like an executive interview or tips article. Your people are your biggest asset—get them the attention they deserve.

Price: $15,000

Social Media Add-Ons

Add a Social Media Package to any of our programs this year and boost your reach to more than 60,000 followers across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Options include ads and native posts.
Price: $2,000