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2023 Editorial Calendar


  • B-to-B Dream Team
    Our annual recognition program of the marketers we’d hire if we started our own brand
  • Best of CES 2023
    The biggest trends, and the boldest show experiences—on and off the floor
  • Sports Sponsorship Showcase
    Hot properties, partnerships, demographics, and fan engagement strategies

Ad Reservation Deadline: March 1
Materials Due: March 7



  • The Best Campaigns of the Year
    We serve up case studies with insider insights from all the Ex Award winners
  • Experiential in Color
    Recognizing diverse rising stars in the industry + Progressive and creative hiring practices that can transform event organizations
  • Hidden Gems
    You asked for it: A spotlight for small and medium b-to-b events

Ad Reservation Deadline: May 30
Materials Due: June 5


  • Who’s-Who, Who-Does-What
    We unveil the top 100 agencies in the industry and the top 50 fabricators in the industry in one combined It List and Fab 50 super-issue
  • Ultimate Partnership Guide
    A guide to creating better RFPs, building smarter budgets, and driving actionable results
  • Summer Recaps and Trends
    A look at the season’s biggest sponsor activations and mobile tours

Ad Reservation Deadline: August 28
Materials Due: September 5



  • Women in Events
    Candid perspectives and profiles of top women in the event marketing industry
  • Showcasing Design & Technology
    In-depth coverage of the Experience Design & Technology Awards
  • Innovation Guide
    The best ideas, inventions, and innovations over the year, with the conversations from the creatives and engineers who architected them

Ad Reservation Deadline: November 17
Materials Due: November 27

Print Advertising Rates
1 x 6 x 12 x
Full Page $5,119 $4,858 $4,611
1/2 Vertical $3,499 $3,404 $3,226
1/2 Horizontal $3,328 $3,169 $2,997
1/3 Page (Sq or V) $2,457 $2,343 $2,215
Spread $9,230 $8,695 $8,296
Cover Rates
Inside Front $5,405
Inside Back $5,157
Back $5,703

Ad Specifications + Production Information

Size Width Height
Full Page Trim
Full Page Bleed
Full Page Safety
8 1/8″
8 3/8″
7 7/8″
10 7/8″
11 1/8″
10 5/8″
1/2 Page Horizontal
1/2 Page Vertical
1/3 Square
1/3 Vertical
7 1/4″
4 3/4″
4 5/8″
2 1/4″
4 3/4″
7 1/4″
4 3/4″
9 3/4″
2 Page Spread
Spread Bleed
Spread Safety
16 1/4″
16 1/2″
15 3/4″
10 7/8″
11 1/8″
10 5/8″

Optimized PDFs are required. If the ad is a full page ad, registration marks must be applied with an offset of 16 pt. and there must be a minimum of 1/8” bleed beyond the trim. Please convert all RGB & Pantone colors to CMYK. Images must be a minimum of 266 dpi.

Please name your files with your company name and Publication Issue Date. For example, if you are providing an ad for the January 2023 issue, please follow this format: CompanyName_EM0123.pdf.

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Group Editor & Publisher
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National Sales Director
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